USDA Sees Total Meat Consumption Rising Through 2019

Data from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, along with statistics from the USDA’s Economic Research Service, show forecasts for US total per capita red meat and poultry consumption to continue rising through next year. Declines in consumption of chicken and turkey could come next year, but beef and pork consumption was projected to continue … Read More

Cattle Market Needs Continued “Good” News

It will take specific and repeated “good” news to push cattle and beef markets higher from this point, said Stephen Koontz, professor of agricultural and resource economics at Colorado State University in an Extension publication “In The Cattle Markets.” It will take very strong marketings and a bullish USDA Cattle on Feed report this week, … Read More

Frozen Red Meat Stocks Rise

Total frozen red meat supplies in US freezers on April 30 were up 4% from a month earlier and up 7% from a year earlier with total pounds of beef in freezers up 2% from March and up 3% from last year, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service said Tuesday. NASS made the data public … Read More

Efficient Heifer Feeding May Have A Downside

The cattle industry continues to feed heifers more efficiently, but there may be a downside in portion sizes, said Derrell Peel Oklahoma State University Extension livestock marketing specialist, in the Service’s “Cow/Calf Corner.” Oklahoma State University research has shown that big carcasses lead to big beef cuts, which may limit demand, Peel said. Heifer carcass … Read More

Funds Flirt With Zero Net Cattle Position

Large commodity investment firms, called managed money, are flirting with a net zero live cattle futures position as they whittled off a few more long cattle positions during the week ended Tuesday. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, in its monthly Commitments of Traders report Friday, said managed money had a net long live cattle position … Read More

March Kansas Fed Cattle Days On Feed Up

The average number of days March slaughter cattle spent in Kansas feed yards was up markedly from last year and the 2012-2016 average, showing the young average age of the feeder cattle that were placed last fall. It was known widely that feedlots were putting young calves into their pens at that time, and the … Read More

USDA Sees 2019 Meat Production Increase

USDA production forecasts for 2019 call for increases in beef, pork, broilers, turkeys, eggs and milk, said the USDA’s monthly Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook Wednesday. Specifically, beef production was forecast to climb 1.8%; pork production could climb 3.1%; broilers were expected to rise by 2.3%; turkeys could be up 0.9%; eggs were seen up … Read More