Measuring Nutrients Key To Good Cow Health

Few would argue that nutrition is key when raising livestock, yet many cow/calf operators fail to address this adequately, leaving their cows and calves with deficiencies, said Dr. John Pollreisz, managing veterinarian for Zoetis. Zoetis’ web site said it is a global animal health company, delivering medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, along with biodevices, genetic … Read More

Monthly Cold Storage Stocks Decline

As meat production dropped because of shuttered slaughter and processing plants from COVID-19 illnesses, it seems the nation’s cold storage supplies filled much of the gap between meat production and consumption. The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Monday released its monthly Cold Storage report, outlining the quantity of various meats stored in commercial freezers around … Read More

Funds Cut Long Cattle Futures Position

Large commodity investment firms, otherwise known as managed money, cut their collective net long live cattle futures position in the week ended Tuesday as hedgers cut their net short position. The data came from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s weekly Commitments of Traders report on Friday. Managed money’s new net long live cattle position amounted … Read More

Hog, Pork Markets Fraught With Uncertainty

Uncertainty and volatility in the wholesale pork market appear to be tearing at the fabric of butcher hog and feeder pig prices. The weekly pork cutout value from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service and compiled by the Livestock Marketing Information Center in Denver, diverged from last year in the last week of March and have … Read More

Economist Sees Unusual Short-Term Beef Cut Price Spreads

Until sit-down restaurants are operating at pre-COVID levels, there likely will be differences in the spread between different primal cuts of beef, no matter the amount of cattle processed, said Brenda Boetel, agricultural economist at the University of Wisconsin—River Falls. Boetel made the comments in a letter to Extension Agents through the Livestock Marketing Information … Read More

Jorgensen Land & Cattle Top List Of Seedstock Producers

It’s pretty hard to make Beef Magazine’s “Beef Seedstock 100” list, but Jorgensen Land & Cattle near Ideal, SD, was at the top of the 2020 list with 3,901 Angus bulls sold last year. Chief Livestock Operations manager, Cody Jorgensen, said in an interview that all of the bulls the farm sells are tested for … Read More

Canada On Feed Numbers Remain Higher Than Last Year

The number of cattle on feed in Canada June 1 remained higher than last year and the previous five-year average after an uncharacteristic upturn a month earlier. The data came from CanFax, a private market advisory firm that collects the data from members in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The Livestock Marketing Information Center in Denver then … Read More