US Can’t “Win” Trade War; No One Does: Analyst

President Donald Trump continues to say the US can’t lose a trade war with China, but can China withstand a trade war?  But Shareholders Unite said in an article on “Seeking Alpha” that China’s loss is not our gain. The Chinese economy is vulnerable at the moment, Shareholders Unite said.  Plagued by large debts, which … Read More

Kansas Fed Cattle More Efficient In May

While the number of fed steers sold to beef packers in May dipped below last year, it remained above the 2012-2016 average, and the cattle sold were efficient about turning feed into pounds, a Kansas State University Extension Service monthly survey found. The number of head sold to packers in May was down and final … Read More

Acreage, Stocks Reports None Too Bullish

Friday, the USDA released its Acreage and Grain Stocks reports, which provided little support for corn and soybean prices, said Todd Hubbs, from the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the university’s publication “farmdoc daily.” Trade policy jitters and weather remain the major price movers, but growth … Read More

Funds Boost Net Long Cattle Position

Managed money, or large commodity investment funds, raised their collective net long live cattle futures position during the week ended Tuesday, while hedgers trimmed their net short position slightly. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s weekly Commitments of Traders report Friday said that as of Tuesday, managed money had a net long position of 27,190 contracts, … Read More

Surprising Swine Breeding Herd Increase

Thursday’s USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report was called very bearish to the futures market, especially for the fall and early 2019 delivery months.  Prices could open and lock down the daily limit of $2.00 per cwt. Jul futures could be pressured on the open Friday, but packer buying interest may lift it before the … Read More

Cash Steer Prices Following 2017 Trend At Lower Level

Cash slaughter steer prices appear to be following the trend of last summer, and if the trend continues, they won’t bottom until the first week of September. The timing of the summer bottom would be earlier than the 2012-2016 average, which comes the last week of September. Since crossing below the 2017 price the second … Read More

Legume May Help Grass-Fed Beef Production

Some of the growing demand for grass-fed beef could be met by grazing calves on a legume called birdsfoot trefoil. A study at Utah State University showed that birdsfoot trefoil pastures do not cause bloat when grazed since the tannins bind with the protein and don’t cause the stable foam in the rumen that causes … Read More