Date of Arrival
The date the cattle are to arrive at the feedyard.
Cost of Calf
The per-pound cost of the cattle (we recommend using a delivered cost for best results).
In Weight of Calf
The average weight of the animals to enter the feed yard.
Finished Weight
The weight the animal is to be finished to.
Average Daily Gain
The number of pounds the animal would be expected to gain each day, on average.
Cost of Feed
The cost of the ration the animals will consume on a dry matter basis, in dollars-per-ton.
The ratio at which the animal will convert pounds of ration consumed (still on a dry-matter basis) into pounds of gain.
Veterinary and Medical Expenses
The average cost each animal will be expected to incur while at the feedyard, on a per-head basis.
Death Loss
The percentage of animals expected to be lost while on feed at the feedyard.
The percentage of interest charged (only applicable if the cattle are being financed).
Freight to Packer
The cost (per-head) to ship the animal to the packing plant for processing.
Breed Basis
The adjustment (if any) the animal may receive versus a native animal, per-pound.
Age/Source Verification Premium
The premium (if any) the animal will receive for being age and source verified by a third party.