The commodities futures market is a vital tool to mitigate the pressures that can diminish our customer’s margins. As active participants in the agricultural industries ourselves, we recognize that these are not the only risks for today’s farmers, ranchers, and livestock handlers.

Just as real and tangible as price risks are risks in performance, basis, and weather. Not all of these risks can be avoided.

Proper risk management may be able to help you mitigate the effects unforeseeable events can have on your business.

To do this we’ve developed tools and processes developed, refined and used in our own ranch, and with other ranchers and producers over many years.

At Zia Commodities, we are making available our knowledge and processes available to help ranchers and producers like you manage and mitigate the risk your business faces every day.

Our tools include:

  • Production Analysis (based on expected performance)
  • Profit/Loss Analysis
  • Regional Weather Insight
  • Breakeven Calculations (based on historical feeding metrics)
  • Hedge Needs Analysis (including on-going position management)
  • Pasture Operations Valuations
  • Basis Contracts with Grain Suppliers
  • Basis Contracts with Beef Packers
  • Assistance with Marketing (pairs, feeders or finished animals)

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