In addition to general consulting services, we take great interest in creating programs that help ranchers create additional value for the blood they put into their livestock. We believe that there is great value available in creating programs that can link the source of the cattle with the vendors and consumers of the end product. In essence, programs that we’ve termed “heritage” programs.

Beef that a restaurant can be proud to serve to their customers not only because it’s of a great quality, but because it has been treated with the highest level of respect at every stage of the process.

services we offer to ranchers:

  • Livestock sourcing
  • Livestock purchasing
  • Analysis of costs of pasture based livestock programs (including “hidden” costs like maintenance of wells, tanks and corrals)
  • Management of third-party verification certifications (Age and Source, Non-Hormone Treated, Global Animal Partnership)

Questions on how to appropriately manage your cattle ranch? Let us know and we’ll provide a free consultation on how you can start making improvements today.
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