Kansas Feedlot Marketings More Aggressive Than Nation

While January US feedlot sales were lower than last year, Kansas feedlots were more aggressive sellers, even though they also were down from the previous five-year average, said USDA-National Agricultural Statistics and Kansas State University data.

USDA-NASS data showed total feedlot marketings in January at 1.589 million head, down 85,000, or 5.08%, from 1.674 million in December and 36,000, or 2.22%, below January, 2015.

However, the KSU survey of Kansas feed yards shows average January closeouts at 8,065 head, up 728, or 9.92%, above last year’s 7,337 head, although it was not up to the average of 7,866 head.

KSU data showed average January steer closeouts at 4,096 head, up 149, or 3.78%, from December’s 3,947.  The January sales rate also was up 1,157 head, or 39.4%, from 2,939 in the same month a year ago and was up 672, or 19.6%, from the 2010-2014 average of 3,424 head.

If Kansas feedlots follow last year’s trend, February and March closeouts will move a little higher and jump in April.  But if they follow the average, February marketings will be down, not to show significant gains until May and June.

Kansas heifer marketings reflect the growing US herds, as they are down from last year and the average.  January average Kansas feedlot sales of heifers were 3,969 head, down 429, or 9.75%, from 4,398 last year and down 473, or 10.6%, from the average of 4,442.

USDA-NASS national data from the Cattle-On-Feed survey shows the lower total US fed cattle marketings down from last year and the previous five-year average.




Like their counterparts elsewhere, Kansas feedlot managers fed cattle to much heavier weights in January.  The KSU data show average sale weights of steers at 1,445 pounds in January, down 11, or 0.76%, from 1,456 in December but up 45, or 3.2%, from 1,400 a year earlier.  Sale weights also are up 73.4 pounds, or 5.35%, from the 2010-2014 average of 1,371.6 pounds.

Heifer weights also were up, KSU data said.  The average heifer sold to packers in January weighed 1,314 pounds, up 54, or 4.29%, from 1,260 last year and up 58 pounds, or 4.62%, above the average.




Cash cattle markets last week were steady with trade at $136 to $137 per cwt on a live basis, and at $212 to $214 dressed.

The USDA reported its choice cutout price up $1.22 per cwt at $220.97, and select up $0.35 at $211.99.  The choice/select spread widened to $8.98 from $8.11, and there were 94 loads of fabricated product sold into the spot market.

The CME Feeder Cattle Index for the seven days ended Friday was $158.90 per cwt, up $0.08.  This compares with Mar’s Monday settlement of $157.95, down $0.55.