Dry Soils Threaten Winter Grazing

Most of western Oklahoma has received little or no moisture in the past two to three weeks advancing drought conditions once again and threatening winter grazing, said Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, in a letter to Extension Agents called Cow/Calf Corner. From the worst levels in early July, drought conditions in … Read More

FAS Report Says US Exports Facing Brazilian Competition

A recent report from the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service called “China: Evolving Demand in the World’s Largest Agricultural Import Market,” said from January through July, US agricultural exports to China still were 16%, or $1.3 billion below the same period in 2017, largely because of lagging soybean shipments. The report was published by the Illinois … Read More

Funds Take On Longer Cattle Position

10-5-20 – Large commodity index funds, known as managed money, took on a larger cumulative net long live cattle futures position in the week ended Tuesday, taking them to their largest position in five weeks. The information came from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s weekly Commitments of Traders report Friday. Managed money’s new net long … Read More

Choice/Select Beef Spread Narrowing

This year’s consumer rush to buy high-quality beef may be pausing, implying the beef and cattle markets may be topping, an analyst said. Alternatively, it could mean that seasonal demand for high-quality choice beef hasn’t kicked in yet or that pre-emptive seasonal buying by retail grocers and others ahead of the holiday is over, the … Read More

Nebraska Economy Improves; Federal Reserve Bank

Nebraska’s economy has improved in recent months, following the initial shock of the 2020 pandemic and associated lockdowns, said the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in a report Wednesday. Unemployment edged lower, and consumer spending appeared to rebound somewhat, but economic disparities persisted in Nebraska over time, the Bank said. The pandemic likely exacerbated … Read More

Cull Wild Cows, Economist Says. You’ll Be Glad You Did

Selecting against ill-tempered cows has always made good sense because wild cattle are hard on equipment, people, other cattle, and now we know they are hard on the bottom line, said Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Agricultural Economist in a letter to Extension agents called Cow/Calf Corner. October is a traditional weaning and culling time … Read More

Pork Prices Not Seeing Beef’s Demand Surge

While beef has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts among US consumers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, pork prices have only stabilized and partially closed the gap with historic values. The average of weekly averages of the pork cutout value from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service for the year to date show that packers … Read More